A Little Piece of Heaven

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Tammy of Wing & A Prayer Farm through my friend Carol.  Carol and Tammy had met at a natural dyeing workshop and then I met Tammy for the first time at Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.  The yarn that Tammy produces from her own flock and then naturally dyes was just lovely and I knew that I had to bring it into the shop that I co-own.  I began following Tammy on social media, instagram mostly, where she is most active, and I was drawn into Tammy’s magical world.  I knew that one day I would visit and finally it happened on April 23rd.

A cool, crisp, spring morning, a touch of frost on the ground, but sun in the sky.  Carol and I set out in the morning bearing some gifts for Tammy, some homemade knitwear, knit from the very sheep’s wool we were soon to visit.  We made a quick stop in Brandon to fuel up with some coffee and baked treats and were on our way. 

We were first greeted by Wilbur, the ever escaping Alpaca who just loves to do his own thing.  A bit further up the drive we saw Jim, Tammy’s husband, who was getting some spring chores done since the weather was cooperating.  We continued up the last bit of the driveway and were happily greeted by Cricket, Jackie and Nessie, four legged furry friends who were delighted to see us, or so it seemed!

As we climbed out of the car and stretched a bit from the drive, the pups were quick to let us know they needed some scratches.  Tammy was the next to greet us, all smiles and hugs, as that is her way, so welcoming, making us feel like we have been dear friends for many years.  We presented Tammy with our knitted gifts and she was truly touched that we had taken the time to make something for her and from her own flock’s wool non-the-less.

Our first stop on the tour was to visit with the ewes.  Many were sunning themselves as it turned out to be a very warm day for late April.  We perched ourselves on a rock and waited.  It wasn’t more than a minute and we had curious little noses poking us and asking to be petted and scratched.  Once fiesty ewe decided that Carol was not petting her enough so she rammed Carol in the shin, ouch (no lasting damage was done)!  

We then moved along to the barn where we met up with the Maremma pups, just one of which, Joan, would be remaining at Wing & A Prayer Farm as a livestock guardian dog (or LGD).  The too were happy to get snuggles from us, but weren’t nearly as insistent as the ewes and it wasn’t long before they had decided there were fun bugs to chase and shenanigans to be had!

We popped in to say hello to the very pregnant Paisley, a lovely Shetland ewe, who was overdue and we were hoping she might lamb while were were there.  No such luck for our visit, but she since has had three lovely lambs who are all doing well.

We quickly said hello to the Muppets as they are affectionately known, they are the adorable angora goats that produce lovely mohair.  They tend to be a bit more independent and leary of newcomers, they really like to do their own thing.  Next to the Muppets were the merino and cormo ewes and lambs.  We settled in and waited for the curious lambs to greet us, it wasn’t long and we were surrounded! I think the ewes were happy to have distractions for the the little ones, who weren’t so little anymore. You could tell the lambs were starting to wear on the nerves of their moms!  We were very happy to oblige the ewes and entertain the lambs!

We rounded out the tour by stopping by the pen housing the Rams and Wethers, many of whom came over to say hello, but many were happy to stay in the shady spots they had found.  We also said hello to Princess Peppermint and Mary Jane, happy pigs living the pampered life at Wing & A Prayer Farm.  Last but not least we said hello to the vairous breeds of chickens happily searching for delicacies in the dirt as well as finding places to dust bathe.  The two goslings were quite vocal and really weren’t sure they wanted us so close, they are going to be beauties!

After spending hours with all of the lovely inhabitants, we had an amazing, relaxing, lunch on the back porch, where we got to chat and talk all things yarn, dyeing, making, farming and life.  We knew our time togther was quickly disappearing as the long shadows of the late afternoon told us of the time.  I was sent home with a delightful bounty of eggs and honey, sweet reminders of my time with Tammy, Carol and the amazing piece of heaven on earth that is Wing & A Prayer Farm.  Some day I hope to have just a small taste of Tammy’s Eden, and I am beginning that journey as I will be welcoming 8 small chicks to my homestead in mid June.  Stayed tuned for adventures in chicken farming! The sheep will come someday, but not for a while…  Happy Making, Wandering & Wondering!